Boost Your Fuel Economy
Are you interested in a 25% increase in the fuel economy of your car? Given gas prices today, it's safe to assume you are! The AquaTune Water Injection Kit offers you better fuel economy while prolonging the life of your engine.

The Water Injection Kit does not interfere with emissions and increases your engine's horsepower. Here's what one of our customers, Mike in Texas, has to say about our kit:

I can't thank you enough. I drive many, many miles and mostly in town . This system has helped my profit margin tremendously! Before the system I got anywhere from 10-11 mpg with my '02 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.9L. Now, I'm getting 17.1 mpg, pulling a very heavy trailer with two riding lawn mowers and additional equipment. My highway driving has jumped from 16 mpg, sometimes 17 mpg, to 23 mpg and as high as 31 mpg!!! (Dang traffic.) Anyway, thanks loads! --Mike in Texas

How It Works
water injection kitThe AquaTune Water Injection Kit is a highly precise injection system consisting of air injection, water injection and an ultra-sonic air regulator. Based on the same principle that allows an opera singer to shatter glass by hitting the correct frequency, the AquaTune system consists of a barometric echo chamber which will allow for high altitude driving and will, also, automatically adjust to sea-level driving.

The system will adjust to engine loads down to 2.9 inches of vacuum. This echo chamber gives off high sonic frequencies when vacuum goes through the chamber.  This in turn enters the water charge chamber in which is an internal tuning fork.

Incoming air velocity collides with this tuning fork at 1200 feet per second which in turn vibrates the tuning fork violently. This results in the cracking of the water which enters into the hydrogen generator making this system more of a fuel cell than a water injection system.

What Engines Does It Work On?
The AquaTune Water Injection Kit works on any gasoline powered engine. This includes super-charged, turbo, even rotary engines. Raceing vehicles can realize huge boosts using the kit.

We just need to know the size of engine and number of cylinders.

Don't delay! Start saving money in gas today!


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